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Business And Corporate Law

Mesa County Business Formation Lawyers

The most important step in setting up and operating a successful business is avoiding the unexpected legal pitfalls that can lead to costly disputes with business partners, customers, suppliers and the IRS. Putting your trust in outside legal counsel from us at JAMES W. GIESE, P.C. gives you the advantage of having 25 years of corporate law experience on your side, without the expense of an in-house corporate attorney.

Business Transactional Law

Under the leadership of senior attorney Jim Giese, our firm has earned the reputation among Grand Junction business owners and in business communities throughout Western Colorado for our in-depth attention to detail. By taking the time to build a lasting relationship, we come to understand your immediate goals, as well as making sure you understand how your business decisions today can affect your bottom line tomorrow.

We are ready to help you get your business transactions right:

  • Corporate setups, S corporations, LLC setups
  • Partnership law, shareholder agreements, investor relations
  • Business dissolutions
  • Business succession plans
  • Commercial real estate purchases and sales, property transfers, commercial leases
  • Vendor contracts, distribution licenses, sales agreements
  • Employee contracts, noncompete agreements, confidentiality agreements

Commercial Litigation

The primary focus of our practice is in the area of litigation and dispute litigation. Jim Giese has more than two decades of experience in all areas of commercial litigation, including:

Trusted and Experienced Grand Junction Business Law Lawyers

From our office in Grand Junction, we advise and represent clients in communities and court jurisdictions throughout Western Colorado. Contact our firm with questions about your legal matter and to arrange a time and date for a consultation.