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Grand Junction Lawyers Assisting Clients In Business Formation

When drafting your initial business plan, it’s a good idea to pencil in, “Hire an experienced business formation attorney.” Although many entrepreneurs want to avoid any additional costs when getting their businesses off the ground, the consequences of not hiring a lawyer can quickly surpass any legal fees that may be incurred.

At JAMES W. GIESE, P.C. we have guided business owners from a variety of industries through the initial stages of building their business, into periods of growth and through decline, and we have helped them better prepare for the future as they implement strategies that fit their vision for their business.

We Provide The Necessary Insight And Resources So You Can Focus On Making The Right Business Decisions

As you consider starting a business, our attorneys can help you erect a solid foundation on which to grow. From incorporation and formation through operations and development, and even the dissolution stages if necessary, our attorneys can emphasize structure, help you create contracts, business agreements and other documents, and help you avoid legal roadblocks along the way.

Common services we provide include:

  • Drafting contracts, leases and other agreements that protect your interests
  • Clear and honest advice when determining the organization (limited liability company, corporation, etc.) of your business
  • Connections to a variety of industry experts and resources that can help with development and operations
  • Securing or selling real estate
  • Partnership advice
  • Advice regarding the tax consequences of basic business transactions as well as registration for federal and state tax identification numbers

No matter your idea for building a business, we will ensure that you feel confident moving forward. Whether handling simple or complex business law matters, we focus on achieving positive results.

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