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Grand Junction Civil Litigation Attorneys

At JAMES W. GIESE, P.C. we offer representation to individuals and businesses in a wide variety of civil litigation matters. As experienced litigation attorneys, we have successfully handled numerous civil cases through hearings, mediations, arbitrations and trials in federal and state courts.

The Benefits Of Working With Our Experienced Trial Lawyers

When you come to us with a civil suit, our attorneys will help you through the structured procedures of addressing your case. No matter if you are the plaintiff or defendant, we will take steps to investigate and assess options, formulate pleadings or responses to allegations, navigate the discovery process, conduct pretrial procedures such as depositions of witnesses, take your case to trial if necessary or reach a settlement, and pursue an appeal if the trial outcome is unfavorable.

Common types of civil and business-related litigation cases we handle include:

  • Contract litigation: We assist individuals and businesses through contract disputes such as breaches of contract.
  • Business dissolution: Breaking up a business can be incredibly complex. As your attorneys, we can help ensure that you dissolve leases, contracts and other legally binding agreements appropriately.
  • Business litigation: If you are involved in a dispute with another business or are struggling with a compliance issue, we can help by aggressively representing your interests.
  • Real estate litigation: For commercial property owners, landlords and others, purchasing, contracts, property disputes and construction issues can all require the counsel of our attorneys should the dispute result in litigation.

We are committed to pursuing your best interests; at our firm, that starts with listening to your questions and concerns and getting all the facts pertaining to your case.

We Represent Clients Throughout Western Colorado In Matters Of Civil Litigation

By working with our firm, you stand a better chance of achieving a favorable outcome in your lawsuit. To discuss your case in confidence, contact our office and schedule a consultation by calling 970-245-9227.