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Resolving Estate Disputes In Grand Junction

A difficult time can become even more difficult when legal disputes arise in the aftermath of a loved one’s death. At a time when emotions are already raw, perceived slights or accusations of misconduct can result in contentious disputes over the terms of a will or the distribution of an estate’s assets. It is crucial to have a thoughtful, measured attorney looking out for your interests and guiding you toward an outcome that protects them.

At the law firm of James W. Giese, P.C., we offer sound legal counsel and compassionate representation to individuals and families in a wide variety of estate-related litigation.

Attentive Service For Your Estate Dispute Resolution Needs

As experienced litigation attorneys, we are prepared to protect the interests of beneficiaries (heirs), trustees and personal representatives in estate disputes including:

  • Will contests
  • Probate litigation
  • Trust litigation
  • Fiduciary disputes

Our extensive track record in creating comprehensive estate plans aids us in our dispute resolution practice. We have in-depth knowledge of how estates should be handled and are able to zero in on red flags that indicate fraud, duress, lack of capacity and other issues that lead to protracted legal disputes. Whether a dispute arose due to such accusations or in the midst of trying to wind down an estate in the absence of a will, you can rely on us to achieve a solution that protects your interests and respects your loved one’s legacy.

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