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Grand Junction Child Custody And Support Lawyers

At JAMES W. GIESE, P.C. we understand that one of the most difficult and emotionally taxing aspects of any separation involves child custody and child support proceedings. With years of experience handling all types of custody and support matters, we stress the importance of putting the best interests of children at the forefront of our methods.

Your Children Are Your Most Valuable Asset

Whether you and the parent of your child plan to reach a mutual agreement or take a custody dispute before a judge, we will help you understand your options. Below are criteria that the courts consider when making a custody ruling:

  • If the child is mature enough to make an informed choice, he or she may state a preference regarding which parent he or she lives with.
  • The stability and safety of the living environment will be considered.
  • Proximity to family, schools, friends and a familiar community will play a role in a judge’s decision.
  • The child’s age and sex may factor into a ruling.
  • The mental and physical health of both parents can have a significant impact on the decision.
  • Religious preferences and cultural considerations will be addressed.
  • If there is any history of drug, alcohol, sexual or other physical abuse on the part of either parent, the courts will consider those factors before making a decision.

By providing the courts with a clear plan of how you plan to provide for your children, you stand a better chance of securing a favorable custody arrangement.

Child Support Lawyers Assisting Colorado Families

Whether you are required to pay or will receive support payments on your child’s behalf, it is important to ensure that you and your child are being treated fairly. Like in most other states, child support in Colorado is usually based on statutory requirements. Although it may seem relatively straightforward, numerous factors play into the formula. As your attorneys, we will help you understand these criteria while making sure your child receives the proper financial support.

We will help you consider and understand the following as it applies to your situation:

  • Employment status — your income, whether you are employed, unemployed or under-employed
  • Medical expenses or long-term care for a child who is disabled or requires special medical attention
  • Education expenses
  • Costs associated with extracurricular activities
  • Numerous other factors our attorneys can explain as they apply to you

In most cases, child support is an ongoing and ever-changing aspect of divorce. As children age, their needs change. Furthermore, if your income changes drastically, you may be required to pay more or less depending on the change. Our attorneys will work with you to implement modifications and stand by you as your needs continue to evolve.

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