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Divorce And Family Law Lawyers Representing Clients In Grand Junction And Western Colorado

Just as people come together in unique ways, the reasons and circumstances under which they drift apart are also uniquely their own. As divorce and family law attorneys, we at JAMES W. GIESE, P.C. understand that the circumstances of your divorce are not the same as everyone else’s. That is why we build strong attorney-client relationships to better understand and achieve your individual goals during divorce proceedings.

High-Asset Divorce Attorneys Who Protect Your Wealth And Future Well-Being

If you are divorcing and own a business, co-own a business with your spouse, possess significant property and other assets or simply wish to protect your wealth as you divide your assets, you likely have numerous questions and concerns pertaining to the security of your financial and professional interests.

Common matters we help clients address during divorce and subsequent proceedings include:

For many, the divorce process can be difficult to navigate as emotions can cloud one’s judgment and delay proceedings. As your attorneys, we help you avoid these and other hurdles that can derail your divorce. We achieve this by taking the time to understand your situation, listen to your concerns and goals for moving forward, and offer creative options that lead toward resolution.

Colorado Lawyers With The Resources You Need During Complex Divorce Proceedings

Couples who own businesses together may experience an especially difficult time when divorcing. If you’ve invested time and money into a family or closely held business, it can feel as if you are losing more than just a partner as you separate; you may be losing a significant part of your professional life as well. By handling a variety of business and corporate law matters, we have a privileged understanding of how divorce and business law overlap during complex financial proceedings.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your divorce — whether it appears to be a simple, straightforward separation, a military divorce, or a complex and high net worth affair — we will provide you with clear counsel, aggressive representation and the resources you need to resolve the immediate issues and move into the future knowing you are well taken care of.

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If you are involved in divorce proceedings, contact JAMES W. GIESE, P.C. and schedule a consultation. You can call 970-245-9227 or complete our online contact form to receive a prompt response from our legal professionals.