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Grand Junction Complex Property Division Lawyers

As an equitable distribution state, Colorado law provides for a fair, but not necessarily equal, division of marital property. Although some couples are able to come to their own agreements regarding the division of assets, many others struggle to settle their affairs without the assistance of attorneys, mediators or the courts.

At JAMES W. GIESE, P.C. we can assist you in protecting your property while ensuring that you receive an equitable share of marital assets. Whether we do this by sitting down to the negotiation table or by resolving matters during litigation, we take the time to listen to your goals, understand your professional, personal and financial situation, and develop a strategy that resolves the matter quickly and effectively.

Assessing Value And Determining Marital Property

Property division can be a complex process, especially if family-owned or closely held businesses are involved. Furthermore, if you and your spouse share significant assets, such as multiple properties, the division process requires the scrutiny and keen eyes of our attorneys. As an established family law firm handling matters of business law, we have the knowledge, resources and skills to handle even the most complex high-asset divorces.

For a comprehensive assessment of your case, it’s best to speak with our lawyers. Below are just some of the services we can provide as we help you navigate division proceedings:

  • Investigations to discover hidden assets
  • Determining marital versus separate property
  • Valuating property, such as homes and other assets
  • Assessing the value of businesses, retirement assets, military pensions, stocks and other complex assets
  • Dividing property during negotiations or making a strong case for your claim to the property and assets you deem essential
  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO)

Whether helping you negotiate a fair division or working with industry experts and professionals to build a robust case during trial, our team of lawyers will ensure that your voice is heard and your needs acknowledged.

Our Experience Is Your Greatest Asset During Property Division

To discuss the circumstances of your divorce and subsequent property division in confidence, contact us by calling 970-245-9227.